What Hair Style suits you

What Hair Style suits you

Hi, New year is hear and we all fancy a new hair style, but are you nervouse to change your style because you don’t know what will suit you?

In this blog we show you  the different face shapes and what hair style will suit that face shape.

Oblong Face


  • Defined Cheekbones,
  • High forehead,
  • Narrow jawline.

Hair Styles to Suit:


A full fringe will work well it will give your face width and is also a lovely Winter/Autumn  look .Just remember not everyone can have a full fringe depends on your hair growth patterns also you need to get them trimmed regular.

Layers are good as they will add volume also creating width.

Chin Length hair or slightly shorter are good for oblong face shape and also work well on thick and fine hair. For example bobs, inverted bobs however these hair styles do need styling and blowdrying everyday so make sure you have the time.

Image result for celebrity with oblong face shape

Oval Face Shape


  • Forehead and jawline approximately same width,
  • Chin rounded in shape.

Hair Styles to suit:


Oval Face shape is the most versatile shape, you have the freedom to experiment with any length or style :)

However you do need to think about your hair texture, growth patterns and if you can mange the style yourself.

Image result for celeb with oval face shapeHeart Shape Face


  • Longer than it is wide,
  • chin pointed,
  • wide forehead cheekbones pronounced.

Hair Syles to suit:


More casual and natural hair styles will suite heart shape face like soft waves.

For your fringe a more soft fringe not too straight or too  short.

Longer styles work best,also the Lob- long bob,coller bone length these styles help to soften jawline they also look good wavey and still long enough to tie up.

If you want to show off your heart shaped face a short pixie crop will show more attention to pointy chin.

Image result for celeb with heart face shape

Square Shape Face


  • Equal in length and width,
  • chin more square.

Hair Styles to suit:

Layers are good and will soften jawline

side parting will work best with square face will soften face. Partings can completely change your style and face shape so have a play round.

Long side fringes are the best for your face and soft waves work realy well.

Short hair does not work well a long bob with soft waves will work if you are board of long hair.

Image result for celeb with square face

Round shape face


  • Soft balance,
  • Shorter face,
  • Same width and length.

Hair styles to suit:

centre parting works best, if you want a fringe a soft layered fringe is best.

layers that go past your chin will slim the face.

Half up half down styles adds volume and height to the crown pulling your face back. Top knots are a great summer look.

Image result for celeb with round face top knot

Hope you enjoyed this blog and enjoy your new Hair style :)

All pictures were taken from Google.