Sexy hair: 22 in 1 hair product

Sexy hair:  22 in 1 hair product


I had to blog about this product because it is just amazing the results are fabulous.

This product sexy hair 22 in 1 is the best seller in Faye Louise hair salon.

22 in 1 sexy hair

The best features I love about this products are …

❤ Its a leave in treatment

Meaning it will be treating your hair all day adding that nourishment to your hair helping them dry ends.

❤ Its a detangle spray

Helping you to comp through your hair and detangle them knots without breaking and snapping your hair.

Whilst adding brilliant shine and making your hair feel so soft

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❤ Its a heat protector

Spray it onto your hair before blow drying and it will help to protect your hair from the heat from the hairdryer

The reviews I get back from my clients about this product are amazing.

Once they use it, they use it all the time

Their hair  is a lot healthier

Hope you liked this quick blog on one of my favourite products :)

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Whilst using the sexy hair 22 in 1