Most popular questions i get asked about hair

Most popular questions i get asked about hair

Hello, in this blog I am going to do a Q and A on the most questions I get asked about hair.

Some good hair facts coming ……

Q: My hair is falling out more than normall why is this?

A: we normally loose between 50 to 100 hair strands a day. There could be a number of reasons for extra hair loss maybe you have just had a baby, or a medical reason, side effects to medication ask your doctor. One of the main reasons is stress, easier said than done but try not to worry about it because the more you worry the more it will fall out.

If you are worried and there is a lot more than normall seek medical advice.

Q: Should I use a hair mask ?

A: Yes hair mask/treatments are great. They go deep into your cuticles and hair bonds repairing any that are damaged and closing your cuticles leaving your hair soft,shiny and smooth.

Use once or if hair is realy damaged twice a week.

Check out this blog for one of my favourite hair treatments


Matrix Rebond Products

You will need to use more than once for the hair to be fully repaired. They wont repair split ends but will add moisture to them helping them, the only way to get rid of split ends is a hair cut.

Q: Is it true the more you cut your hair the faster it will grow?


A: Hair grows from inside the scalp, so even if you don’t cut your hair it will still grow. However it will  split and be dead at the ends that will only split further up your hair, making more of your hair damaged so therefore when you do go for it cutting you will need a lot more cutting off.  whereas if you have your hair trimmed regular the split ends will be cut off before they can travel up your hair meaning less hair cut off , so in the long run your hair will be longer and healthier.

Q: My hair is dark brown will a baby pink hair dye show on my hair ?

A: No it will not it will have to be lightened first with bleach for this colour to show

Q: I have died my own hair why are my roots lighter?

A: Could be a number of reasons. You haven’t matched up the right shade.

Your roots are already a different colour to your hair so for example you already have hair dye on your hair but your roots are white.

Roots are on your scalp which is the warmest part of your hair so they will develop faster.

Q: How fast does your hair grow?

A: On average half inch per month.

Hope this answered some questions for you.

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