Looking after your hair in lockdown

Looking after your hair in lockdown

Hello, i hope you are keeping well and safe.

I cant believe i am doing this post again how to look after your hair in lockdown.

Last lockdown was summer so we had to think how to look after our hair from the sun,a lot of people think it is just the sun that dries your hair out but winter is just as bad if not worse( and now in this lockdown it is winter) The cold weather and having the heating on all the time can really dry and split your hair.

With not being able to go to the salons and have that trim and TLC it is important we look after our hair at home until we can see the experts again. Your hair will feel better  and you will feel better for it  :)


This is one of my favourite ways to look after your hair and you can defiantly see and feel the difference after a good treatment, the longer you use it  the more results you will see.

Hair treatments/masks work on the inside of your hair repairing and adding that moisture to your bonds.

They strengthen your hair and nourish it.

They wont get rid  of split ends only a hair cut can do that but the treatment will still help protect your ends and add moisture into your hair.

Use treatments once a week and leave on for at least5 minutes minimum, different treatment vary some you may want to use heat with, as the heat will open up your cuticles and help the treatment to penetrate into your hair shaft.

Some of my favourite treatments below

(These are my favourite treatments so only my opinion.  I use these on my self and in the salon)

Olaplex No3


I have done a separate post. Link below


Matrix Rebond

Matrix Rebond

I have done a separate post and a video on Facebook. Link below

Matrix Rebond Products



Using less heat on our hair is always good for our hair and what a better time to do it  now.

Try to let your hair dry naturally. You could always try letting it dry in a plait with some serum or leave in treatment on your hair, then when your hair is dry it will have that  nice movement/waves depending on different hair textures.

When drying your hair with  a towel never rub your hair/head as this will knot your hair and even cause it to break or split. It is best to squeeze and pat your hair with the towel.

This brings me onto                                             KNOTY HAIR +BRUSHING YOUR HAIR

I have done a separate blog on tips for knotty hair so i wont go too much into it. But sometimes if your hair is knotty you don’t want to deal with it and you may tie it up, this will only make it worse you must get the knots out straight away.

Brush your hair from ends to roots this will help get the knots out and save from pulling your hair.

If your hair is really knotty or you have natural curly hair, so you don’t want to brush your hair whilst its dry or is drying you can always brush your hair in the shower/bath whilst your conditioner is on.

Brush your hair everyday it is good for your hair and scalp also adds moisture to your hair.

A good detangle brush will help:


Product below is a detangle spray and leave in treatment. One of mine and most of my customers favourite:

22 in 1 sexy hair

Hair tips for knoty hair



Our hair gets effected by everything so being healthy on the inside will show on the outside.


Good products do really make a difference to your hair. A good shampoo and conditioner a serum to add moisture and help with frizz.

When you step out of the salon your hair always looks, feels and smells so good, products help with a big part of this.


I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you some tips on looking after your hair in lockdown till you can go to the salon again. x