Hair tips for knoty hair


Do you struggle to comb your hair through especially after washing it ?

Or maybe its your childs hair

These tips will make that struggle a lot easier and you will have the comb gliding through your hair.

Or your  childs no more screaming everytime you have to brush their hair.

Hair tips for knoty hair

* The first tip from the picture above, combing your hair when the conditioner is on, this will help the conditioner to get through your hair properly and will detangle a lot of the knots already without pulling your hair.


* Tips to Roots is very important, starting at your ends first and working your way up,is a lot easier way to detangle them knots also prevents just pushing them knots further down your hair. As shown in the video.

It is also a lot less painful doing it this way. You or your child will not feel a thing.

* A big mistake a lot of us do is after we have washed our hair is rub it dry loads with the towel, this just tangles all your hair up. And can break and snap your hair.

The best way to towel dry your hair with out making lots of knots is to squeeze and pat your hair in the towel.


* Tools and products make all the difference.

A good detangle brush has the right bristles to get through all your hair with out pulling it.

My two favourite detangle brushes are

Star Brush

Angel Brush


Mine and a lot of my customers favourite detangle spray is

Sexy Hair 22in1

22 in 1 sexy hair

It’s not only a detangle spray but  heat protector and leave in treatment.

It’s that good I have given it, it’s own page


Sexy hair: 22 in 1 hair product

Detangle sprays helps the comb to glide through your hair and detangle them knots making your hair a  lot smother, they also add amazing shine.

Hope this helps you :)

Check out this video hair tips for knoty hair.