Hair tips for greasy hair

Hair tips for greasy hair


Do you suffer with greasy hair?

In this blog I will share with you some tips that can help greasy hair.

1: use a good shampoo that’s not too heavy for your hair. A shampoo with lemon in the ingredients will help with greasy hair.

2: Conditioner is a must for your hair to keep in the moisture and help with knots however if your hair is greasy this can add to it. So still use conditioner only a small amount and only apply to the ends of your hair not your roots.

3: Sleep with your hair up or in a plait when we are asleep we can get warm and move around a lot with your hair rubbing on the pillow. Keeping it up will help it from rubbing on your pillow and your face.

4: If you wash your hair every day it gets use to it and needs washing every day, try not to wash it every day yes it will be very greasy at first but eventually your hair will get use to it and it wont get as greasy as quick. Good time to use this tip in lockdown :)

5: Try not to touch your hair all the time or over brush it. As this will stimulate the natural oils. You still need to brush your hair tho because if you dont that can also make your hair greasy as the natural oils in your hair dont get disturbed so lay on your scalp and build up. Make sure you have a good balance :)

Hope these tips help

Love your hair