Hair tips for frizzy hair

Hair tips for frizzy hair

Are you leaving  your hair to dry natural ?
Are you struggling with frizz?
Below are some great tips to help tame your frizzy hair.

* Its all about products 😍
Serum is a must for frizzy hair, it will add that moisture into your hair, help smooth and tame your hair whilst giving your hair a nice shine too.
Put a drop you don’t need a lot of serum and don’t apply to your roots. Put a drop of serum on the ends of your hair when wet let your hair dry. Then if you need to apply  a tiny drop onto yours ends when your hair is dry you can.

I try lots of different serums in the salon  .The latest one we have being using in the salon which we love is Matrix. Also natural based ones are good like coconut, macadamia and argon.
Blog to follow to find out more.

* Good shampoo and conditioner do make a difference to your hair texture. A good moisturising shampoo and conditioner.
Conditioner can slow down humidity absorption. Humidity is a big cause of frizz unfortunately.
A hair mask once a week is good even if your hair is not damaged a treatment is always good for your hair that extra tlc just once a week.
Or you could even use a leave in treatment which will add that moisture into your hair helping with frizz but will also be repairing your hair.

One of my favourite is sexy hair 22 in 1 its a detangle spray as well

Sexy hair: 22 in 1 hair product


* Don’t rub your hair when towel drying this will Knott your hair and could even snap your hair causing more frizz, instead squeeze and pat.

Hair tips for knoty hair

* If you have natural curly hair and leaving your hair to dry natural . Here is a good tip
Scrunch your hair with the curling product you use and a bit of serum or just serum on its own but then take a few random strands and individually curl them around your finger with the serum on your hands. This will help define your curls and be smoother.

Separate blog on drying natural curly hair Coming soon.

* This hair  tip may sound obvious but make sure you comb your hair after you have just washed it and it is wet. Comb from tips to roots to make sure you don’t pull your hair.

* If you have frizz the next day when you wake up, when your hair is dry just apply a tiny drop of serum on the ends. You could try sleeping with your hair in a loose ponytail or plait to stop it rubbing all over your pillow when you are asleep.


Hope these tips help and check out more of our blogs for advice on our favourite products and more hair tips.  😃