Hair tips for curly hair

Hair tips for curly hair

Do you have the most gorgeous natural curls but then when your hair drys there gone, or its frizzy or just looks messy?
Below are some tips on how to dry natural curly hair. Embrace your curls they are gorgeous show them off 😍

😃 Don’t brush your hair when it is dry this will just pull all your curls out and make your hair frizzy.
So what should you do to get rid of the knots, you need to brush your hair.
Your thinking yes of course i brush my hair. But do it when it is wet before your natural curls have bounced up, you could even do it while washing your hair when the conditioner is in, this is also a great tip for very knotty hair.
Remember brush your hair from tip to root to avoid pulling your hair.

Hair tips for knoty hair

😃 When towel drying your hair never rub it. Instead squeeze.pat and scrunch.

😃 Use good products you will need a curling product something that helps your curls to bounce up and defines them.
A serum this will add moisture into your hair and shine, you can use both of the above or just either one.

😃 Scrunch the product into your hair into your curls, you can then take individual pieces of hair and twist them around your finger with the serum in your hands it doesn’t have to be all your hair just random sections , this will help define your curls and give that extra bounce.

😃 When your hair is dry you may want to add some more serum if needed,  apply as you did before either scrunch in. Or go over the individual pieces if they need it.

😃 If you dry your hair with a hair dryer never dry it  completely dry always leave it just slightly damp again this helps with frizz for naturall curly hair.

😃 Diffusers are always good for natural curly hair to define them curls and help give bounce. Drying your hair upside down will help give more bounce.

Hope these tips help and help you love your curls even more 💕