Hair styles for 2018

Hair styles for 2018

Happy New Year :)

What hair styles will 2018 bring ?

What will the trends be this year? Last year braught us ombré, grey hair and curls.

At the beginning of this year in the winter months full fringes are back :) they can change your style completely make your eyes stand out and look great when your hair is tied up. Also adding that style when you have your winter woolly hat on :)

Why not go for the chop?
Long bobs and short bobs are all in this year and bobs with full fringes too 🙂
Be right on trend in 2018

2017 was obsessed with curls and natural textured hair 2018 Hair styles the curls will not go away they will be bigger and bouncier :)

As for colour,

blondes are more golden with different warmer  tones in them. Same for brunettes warmer tones are back giving that luxury glossy, healthy looking hair.

Its all about healthy hair in 2018 :)

give your hair that tlc ladies :)

Enjoy your new hair styles