Give your hair TlC this winter

Give your hair TlC  this winter

The cold winter months can damage your hair just as much as the hot summer months can.

People are shocked when they hear this and say how can cold weather damage your hair?

  • The cold and dry air causes your cuticles in your hair to lift which can cause breakage and is very difficult for moisture to stay in your hair
  • No moisture in your hair can make your colour look dull and loose shine
  • High winds can tangle  your hair, then pulling the brush through the tangles can cause further breakage and split ends.
  • central heating can dry your hair out leaving no moisture in your hair and dry your scalp as well leaving it itchy.Giving your hair TLC this winter could avoid all the above as well as  frizzy hair, dry scalp.

Best way to give your hair the TLC it needs is

  • Moisturize

To keep your hair moisturised use less alcohol based products. Treat your hair once or twice a week with a deep hair mask (treatment) this will attract and retain moisture in your hair, masks will also repair any cuticles that are damaged

  • Regular trims

will get rid of split ends and stop them splitting further up your hair leaving your hair healthier and looking fuller too.

  •   Protect your hair from heat damage

we tend to use the hairdryer more in the winter months so make sure you are protecting your hair with a heat protector and try not to over use your styling tools on your hair.

  • Best products to give that TLC

A good shampoo is important in the winter months, one with natural oils will help to open cuticles so moisture can be easily absorbed.

A hair mask just use once or twice a week again a natural based one is best eg. Macadamia, Argon. To open up the cuticles adding that moisture and repairing any cuticles.

Serum is brilliant to use before styling an oil based serum is the best. Serum will add that moisture making your hair soft and shiny also helping with frizz.

So have beautifull,shiny hair this winter,feel and look amazing :)

Hope you enjoyed this blog