Facts about Hair

Facts about Hair

This blog is to answerer your questions frequently asked about Hair.


How many hairs from the head do you loose a day ?

The average person loses on average of 50 to 100 hairs from the head a day

but don’t worry you have about 100,000 hairs.


How much does hair grow per month? 

About half an inch per month


Can winter month damage my hair as much as summer hot months?

Yes it can. Cold wind and dry heat can damage your hair drying it out and making it brittle,  make sure to keep it moisturized like you do in summer.

Follow our next Blog on how to look after your hair in winter.


I have just had a baby and my hair has started to fall out, is this normal? 

Yes this happens to  many ladies,  whilst pregnant  your hair gets thicker this is because the normal hair loss 50 to 100 hairs a day does not take place whilst pregnant. But after giving birth the normal hair loss cycle comes back plus the hair you should have lost whilst pregnant.

so it may feel you are loosing a lot of hair but it is just hair you should have lost. If you are worried see your doctor.


My hair is damaged and dry will deep conditioning treatments really work ?

Yes. Deep conditioning treatments/hair masks work on the inside of your hair repairing any of your cuticles that are damaged and closing them giving that soft, shiny hair. you may have to use them a few times to repair your hair fully.

It is best to use a deep conditioning  treatment once a week instead of normal conditioner to add that extra moisture and strengthen your hair.

They will not repair split ends just add moisture to them you need a trim to get rid of split ends.


Is it true the more you cut your hair the faster it will grow?

Hair grows from inside the scalp, so even if you don’t cut your hair it will still grow. However it will  split and be dead at the ends that will only split further up your hair, making more of your hair damaged so therefore when you do go for it cutting you will need a lot more cutting off.  whereas if you have your hair trimmed regular the split ends will be cut off before they can travel up your hair meaning less hair cut off , so in the long run your hair will be longer and healthier.


My hair is naturally curly but I never have it curly as it goes frizzy, what can I do ?

You need the correct products to hold the curl and put the moisture in.

A serum is best to add the moisture, natural oil is the best to use as it wont make your hair greasy but will keep moisture in and get rid of any frizz. You can scrunch serum into your hair just at the ends. or you can twist little sections of your hair around your finger with the serum on.

It is best not to fully dry natural curly hair as that can make it frizz leave it damp. Diffusers are good to use and can also add volume.


Hope I answered some questions for you :)

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