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Answers to Facebook quiz

Hello , So if you have  clicked on this page it’s because you have done the hair quiz just for fun on Facebook and want to know how well you have done. Share your results please back on the Facebook post 😉 Good luck the answers are below …….. Answer is Diffuser (Did you get it right:) ) Answer: B half inch (How are you doing ? ) Answer: Highlighting hair (Have you ever had the cap ? ) Answer: No. Bleach is a powder or cream used to lighten your hair. Peroxcide is what is mixed in with colour even dark colours to make them work. (A lot of people get mixed up with this how did you do? ) Answer: A 50 to 100 (How did you do they were some tricky ones ? ) Hope you enjoyed this quiz Share your results:)  ... read more

How to style a full fringe

Hello, Fringes look lovely but can be so hard to manage. Here is a few tips on how to style a full fringe. * first tip from picture above yes this is so important to get your fringe to sit where you want it to. If you let it part when it is wet and it dries like that you will not get it to sit all forward till you wash it again. When styling you need to turn your full fringe under slightly best done with a round brush. If you want to add some bounce into your full fringe when driying it with the round brush lift it up at the roots. If it’s too straight it will stick out.Dont dry or straighten it straight down. You can use serum on your hair before drying to help with frizz but literally a little drop you dont want to be putting too much on your fringe. Matrix Mega Varnish is a good one. If your full fringe gets too long and you cant have it cut yet. Or your trying to grow it out,below are some tips on how you could style it. 👱‍♀️ if your full fringe is long enough plait it to the side and secure with a clip. 👱‍♀️ pin your full fringe to the side 👱‍♀️pin your full fringe back like a quiff 👱‍♀️use a headband to keep your full fringe back. I hope these tips help: Check out this video on how to style your full fringe... read more

Matrix Rebond Products

Hello I had to give these products Matrix Rebond products their own page, as they are so amazing and the results you get from them Rebond Matrix Is a 3 step system cleanse, repair and nourish your hair. It will strengthen and repair your cuticles and bonds inside your hair, that get damaged from colouring, Too much heat and just overall stress to our hair. It will leave your hair stronger and feeling a lot  softer that you just cant stop touching it.And less frizz making it a lot easier to manage. The shine is just amazing. Every one who uses it, loves it 😍 Customers review of this product further down the page. Check out this video on how to use it and the results it gives 😀 On Facebook Faye louise hair salon Bradford Link below https://www.facebook.com/399384023534042/posts/1697536973718734/ Just a few reviews of what customers who have used this product think:     Works best as the whole set of... read more

How to look after your hair in lockdown

Hello, hope you are all well and staying safe in these crazy times. I know all hair salons are closed at the moment and you must be so tempted to colour and cut your own hair, please dont ….. However it is important to still look after your hair and give it that tlc it needs.your hair will look and feel better and so will you 😀 Below are ways and products to look after your hair. Moisturize To keep your hair moisturised use less alcohol based products. Treat your hair once or twice a week with a deep hair mask (treatment) this will attract and retain moisture in your hair, masks will also repair any cuticles that are damaged   Protect your hair from heat damage One being the hairdryer  so make sure you are protecting your hair with a heat protector and try not to over use your styling tools on your hair. Best products to give that TLC A good shampoo is important, one with natural oils will help to open cuticles so moisture can be easily absorbed. A hair mask just use once or twice a week again a natural based one is best eg. Macadamia, Argon. To open up the cuticles adding that moisture and repairing any cuticles. Serum is brilliant to use before styling an oil based serum is the best. Serum will add that moisture making your hair soft and shiny also helping with frizz. Here are some of mine and my customers favourite products to help keep your hair nice and healthy 😀 Rebond Matrix Is a 3 step system cleanse, repair and nourish your hair. It... read more

Mothers day 2020

Hi, Mother’s day is fast approaching, dont panic Faye Louise hair salon is here to help you, with ideas of how to treat your mum this Mother’s day.                          With our Gift Vouchers you can treat your mum to a  relaxing hair service, why not add a head massage onto the service for that little extra special touch. Who doesn’t like to look and feel great? Or why not treat her to a relaxing manicure or pedicure. We all love our own relaxing time. Give the gift of relaxation.   Give her  a gift she  can use at home. Check out our hair products by Sexy hair and Matrix.   Call into the salon and we will be happy to help with  what hair product would suite your mum.   Hope this gave you some more ideas on how to treat your mum. Have a lovely Mothers Day xx   Check out our Facebook also our other blogs. Some of the blogs have more information about our hair... read more

❤ love your hair ❤

Hello, hope you are all great:) In this blog I am going to share with you great tips to look after your hair. Learn how to keep your hair in great condition. Love your hair ❤ *1* Regular Trims Helps to keep split ends away. When you get a split end if you dont cut it, it will travel up your hair splitting it more meaning you need more cutting off. Whereas if you cut it as soon as the split end appears it can not travel up your hair. We recommend trimming your hair every 6- 8 weeks. *2* Treatments Hair treatments/ hair masks work on the inside of your hair repairing any cuticles that may be damaged and strengthening the hair bonds . We recommend to use once a week if hair is really damaged use twice a week to start. Faye louise hair salon best selling hair treatment is Matrix Rebond treatment *3* Less heat. Try to use less heat on your hair, for example hair dryer and straighteners. *4* Towel drying your hair When towel drying your hair dont rub your hair dry with the towel as this will split your hair. Pat and squeeze your hair with the towel instead. *5* Products Leave in conditioner is great for your hair as it will put and keep all that mositure into your hair and help with frizz. If you go swimming you can spray leave in conditioner in your hair before getting in the pool this will lock in the moisture but also make a little barrier to the chlorine. Faye louise hair salon best... read more

What to ask the hair stylist for

Hi , have you ever seen a hair style on someone and thought oo I like that but then when you go the hairdressers you dont know what to ask the hairstylist for, you dont no how to describe that style you have seen? So many people struggle with this and worry what to ask the stylist for. So in this blog I am going to describe some hair styles to you. So the hairstylist will know what you want and so you feel better about describing what you want   Haircut: A long bob just above shoulders but collar bone at the front with long layers Colour:  highlights mainly blonde but with a few chunky warm browns going through . Haircut: keep long. About 3 to 4 inches under the shoulder. Long layers Style: waves these are done with the curling wand then loosend the waves with fingers Colour: full head light brown colour with lots of blonde highlights on top. Haircut: long hair down back no layers just shapping around the face. Style: waves done  with curling wand in thick sections then brushed out. Colour: Blonde  Highlights under parting in a balayage effect, with a toner used after to create soft blonde colour. (Customers brown hair colour was her natural colour in this picture) Haircut: very short cut into neck slightly inverted, just under ear lobe at the sides so can tuck it behind ears. Choppy layers so all sits in Colour: This customer had previous highlights that had grown out, this time we did a light warm brown all over.   I hope this blog has... read more

Valentine’s Gifts

Helo, Valentine’s day is fast approaching.So in this blog we have put together some valentine’s gift ideas for your loved one. ❤Give The gift of relaxation❤ With our gift vouchers ❤Treat your hair to some TLC this valentine’s day:❤ With our deep conditioning treatment and relaxing head massage. Its a 3 step conditioning treatment process by Matrix  that will add all that moisture into your hair, strengthen your hair and give it that lovely shine whilst feeling amazing. You can have the treatment done in the salon or buy the full kit and do it yourself at home. ❤Spread the love this Valentine’s day ❤ Recommend a friend to Faye louise hair salon and you and your friend will recieve £5 off each, aswell as gorgeous hair ❤A wash cut and blow dry ❤ Treat your loved one to a wash cut and blow dry. You  always feel better after having your hair done  only £24 ❤Don’t forget to treat your  nails❤ shellac nails or a relaxing pedicure starting from only £10 Hope this has given you some good ideas to share the love this valentine’s ❤ The salon gets booked up fast so please book in advance  ... read more

Hair tips 2020

Hello, Let’s start with a few quick hair tips for you. To make your hair healthier and look even better also  easier for you to manage. With these easy but effective hair tips. Hope you find them useful,enjoy. You can press the links to find furthermore tips and video tutorials to help How to style a full fringe Hope these tips helped Are you following us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Faye-Louise-hair-salon-bradford-399384023534042/ Sigh up to our emails on home page to get the tips sent directly to... read more

Hair styles for 2018

Happy New Year What hair styles will 2018 bring ? What will the trends be this year? Last year braught us ombré, grey hair and curls. At the beginning of this year in the winter months full fringes are back they can change your style completely make your eyes stand out and look great when your hair is tied up. Also adding that style when you have your winter woolly hat on Why not go for the chop? Long bobs and short bobs are all in this year and bobs with full fringes too 🙂 Be right on trend in 2018 2017 was obsessed with curls and natural textured hair 2018 Hair styles the curls will not go away they will be bigger and bouncier As for colour, blondes are more golden with different warmer  tones in them. Same for brunettes warmer tones are back giving that luxury glossy, healthy looking hair. Its all about healthy hair in 2018 give your hair that tlc ladies Enjoy your new hair styles... read more