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Autumn at faye louise hair salon

Hello, Autumn has come to faye louise hair salon . Autumn is my favourite month and I just wanted to give you a peak of the decorations in the hair salon for this Autumn. Hope you get some inspiration. Take a look at some of our products available  Below is some inspiration of Autumn hair styles for you. Will you change your hair?     Thank you for reading this post Have a lovely Autumn 🍂    ... read more

Hair tips for curly hair

Do you have the most gorgeous natural curls but then when your hair drys there gone, or its frizzy or just looks messy? Below are some tips on how to dry natural curly hair. Embrace your curls they are gorgeous show them off 😍 😃 Don’t brush your hair when it is dry this will just pull all your curls out and make your hair frizzy. So what should you do to get rid of the knots, you need to brush your hair. Your thinking yes of course i brush my hair. But do it when it is wet before your natural curls have bounced up, you could even do it while washing your hair when the conditioner is in, this is also a great tip for very knotty hair. Remember brush your hair from tip to root to avoid pulling your hair. Hair tips for knoty hair 😃 When towel drying your hair never rub it. Instead squeeze.pat and scrunch. 😃 Use good products you will need a curling product something that helps your curls to bounce up and defines them. A serum this will add moisture into your hair and shine, you can use both of the above or just either one. 😃 Scrunch the product into your hair into your curls, you can then take individual pieces of hair and twist them around your finger with the serum in your hands it doesn’t have to be all your hair just random sections , this will help define your curls and give that extra bounce. 😃 When your hair is dry you may want to add some... read more

Hair tips for frizzy hair

Are you leaving  your hair to dry natural ? Are you struggling with frizz? Below are some great tips to help tame your frizzy hair. * Its all about products 😍 Serum is a must for frizzy hair, it will add that moisture into your hair, help smooth and tame your hair whilst giving your hair a nice shine too. Put a drop you don’t need a lot of serum and don’t apply to your roots. Put a drop of serum on the ends of your hair when wet let your hair dry. Then if you need to apply  a tiny drop onto yours ends when your hair is dry you can. I try lots of different serums in the salon  .The latest one we have being using in the salon which we love is Matrix. Also natural based ones are good like coconut, macadamia and argon. Blog to follow to find out more. * Good shampoo and conditioner do make a difference to your hair texture. A good moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner can slow down humidity absorption. Humidity is a big cause of frizz unfortunately. A hair mask once a week is good even if your hair is not damaged a treatment is always good for your hair that extra tlc just once a week. Or you could even use a leave in treatment which will add that moisture into your hair helping with frizz but will also be repairing your hair. One of my favourite is sexy hair 22 in 1 its a detangle spray as well Sexy hair: 22 in 1 hair product   *... read more

Lockdown update

Hello, I just wanted to give you a quick update. (27/1/21) We are obviously still in lockdown so the salon is still temporarily closed. We don’t have a date for when we can open yet so for the meantime I am not resecudling any appointments. I will have either already being intouch with you or I will be in touch with you. Thank you for all your support, loyalty and kind words. Stay safe and take care hopefully you will be back in the chair soon... read more

Looking after your hair in lockdown

Hello, i hope you are keeping well and safe. I cant believe i am doing this post again how to look after your hair in lockdown. Last lockdown was summer so we had to think how to look after our hair from the sun,a lot of people think it is just the sun that dries your hair out but winter is just as bad if not worse( and now in this lockdown it is winter) The cold weather and having the heating on all the time can really dry and split your hair. With not being able to go to the salons and have that trim and TLC it is important we look after our hair at home until we can see the experts again. Your hair will feel better  and you will feel better for it  USING HAIR TREATMENTS/MASKS This is one of my favourite ways to look after your hair and you can defiantly see and feel the difference after a good treatment, the longer you use it  the more results you will see. Hair treatments/masks work on the inside of your hair repairing and adding that moisture to your bonds. They strengthen your hair and nourish it. They wont get rid  of split ends only a hair cut can do that but the treatment will still help protect your ends and add moisture into your hair. Use treatments once a week and leave on for at least5 minutes minimum, different treatment vary some you may want to use heat with, as the heat will open up your cuticles and help the treatment to penetrate into your... read more

Thank you for your lovely Reviews

Hello, I just want to say thank you so much for your lovely reviews. Reviews do really help small businesses. They help our online platform to build making it easier for people to find us and our brand name to be heard. They help that new customer decide to visit us. It can be a hard choice to choose where to visit with so many places to choose from. It can defiantly be a hard decision to decide which salon to choose as it is such a personal experience and you want to look and feel amazing when leaving. That’s why I always put customer service at the top of my list, everyone who visits Faye Louise Hair Salon say how welcome they feel and say it is as if they have being coming years. Places you can review us which really help are (Faye Louise hair salon Bradford) Google Facebook Yelp you can review on each platform Even tho the salon is not open at the moment due to the lock down you can still review and it will still help with our online presence at this time. And also make me smile Thank you Below are some of our recent reviews from Google and Facebook. Thank you again for all your lovely reviews and all your... read more

Previous hair colours by faye louise

Hello I am going to post a selection of previous hair colours by Faye louise hair salon From highlights to full head colours to soft highlights and different techniques. Which one will you like the best? Will it inspire you to change your... read more

Covid 19 client form

Hello we are very excited to be welcoming you back to the salon we take covid 19 very seriously and follow protocols and guidlines keeping us all safe,however you will still leave the salon feeling and looking amazing. Read the consultation form below before coming to  your appointment  If you have any of the symptoms or have travelled abroad as it explains please reschedule and call faye louise hair salon on 01274 635165 When you arrive at your appointment you will then be asked to sign   Client Notice   please ensure you read the below and follow any of the required steps: Have you any of the following symptoms? Or have suffered from them in the last 2 weeks? • High temperature • A new continuous cough • Shortness of breath • Loss of sense of taste or smell • Sore throat If you have answered yes to any of the above, please reschedule your appointment for at least 2 weeks after. Have you travelled abroad in the last two weeks? If yes, please reschedule your appointment for at least 2 weeks after travelling Have you been in contact with anybody who has had the virus or any symptoms in the last 2 weeks? If so, please reschedule your appointment for at least 2 weeks after. Please follow these guidelines before visiting us. Thankyou • Please wear a mask • Arrive alone (only appointments will be allowed in the salon) • Arrive at the dedicated time given • Use the hand sanitizer provided as soon as entering • If having a dry cut please have freshley washed hair, if... read more

Hair tips for greasy hair

Hello, Do you suffer with greasy hair? In this blog I will share with you some tips that can help greasy hair. 1: use a good shampoo that’s not too heavy for your hair. A shampoo with lemon in the ingredients will help with greasy hair. 2: Conditioner is a must for your hair to keep in the moisture and help with knots however if your hair is greasy this can add to it. So still use conditioner only a small amount and only apply to the ends of your hair not your roots. 3: Sleep with your hair up or in a plait when we are asleep we can get warm and move around a lot with your hair rubbing on the pillow. Keeping it up will help it from rubbing on your pillow and your face. 4: If you wash your hair every day it gets use to it and needs washing every day, try not to wash it every day yes it will be very greasy at first but eventually your hair will get use to it and it wont get as greasy as quick. Good time to use this tip in lockdown 5: Try not to touch your hair all the time or over brush it. As this will stimulate the natural oils. You still need to brush your hair tho because if you dont that can also make your hair greasy as the natural oils in your hair dont get disturbed so lay on your scalp and build up. Make sure you have a good balance Hope these tips help Love your... read more