❤ love your hair ❤

Hello, hope you are all great:)

In this blog I am going to share with you great tips to look after your hair. Learn how to keep your hair in great condition.

Love your hair ❤

*1* Regular Trims

Helps to keep split ends away.

When you get a split end if you dont cut it, it will travel up your hair splitting it more meaning you need more cutting off. Whereas if you cut it as soon as the split end appears it can not travel up your hair. We recommend trimming your hair every 6- 8 weeks.

*2* Treatments

Hair treatments/ hair masks work on the inside of your hair repairing any cuticles that may be damaged and strengthening the hair bonds . We recommend to use once a week if hair is really damaged use twice a week to start.

Faye louise hair salon best selling hair treatment is Matrix Rebond treatment

*3* Less heat.

Try to use less heat on your hair, for example hair dryer and straighteners.

*4* Towel drying your hair

When towel drying your hair dont rub your hair dry with the towel as this will split your hair. Pat and squeeze your hair with the towel instead.

*5* Products

Leave in conditioner is great for your hair as it will put and keep all that mositure into your hair and help with frizz.

If you go swimming you can spray leave in conditioner in your hair before getting in the pool this will lock in the moisture but also make a little barrier to the chlorine.

Faye louise hair salon best selling leave in conditioner is sexy hair 22 in 1

It’s a leave in treatment, heat protector and detangular.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog.

And use these tips to keep your hair healthy and love your hair ❤